Mikah Blue Coffee company is owned by second generation Coffee Farmer and Trader Michael and his Partner Shenika, Jamaicans who now reside in both the United Kingdom (UK) and Jamaica.

The history of our company dates back thirty (30) years ago to 1990 when Michael's Uncle and Mentor Donald acquired  lands in the Blue Mountains of St. Andrew and Portland and commenced farming coffee berries for sale to local Middlemen.The berries were then  processed, and sold to Importers, primarily to Japan and the USA.

Over the successive years, the size of the Farms have expanded as Donald formed strategic partnerships with his two (2) sisters and five (5) brothers including Michael Snr, with the objective of improving the productivity and production level of the business to export volumes.

Consequently in 2013, after successful lobbying in collaboration with the Jamaica Coffee Growers’ Association, a license to export Blue Mountain Green Beans was granted by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica (now Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority).

Currently, we are a vertically integrated coffee company and our coffee is imported through our UK based Mikah Blue Holdings (UK) Limited.

Coffee beans harvested from our farms consistently receive a cupping score of 85 and over and we primarily sell beans that have been certified by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) as Grade 1.

Due to the stringent and sometimes lengthy certification process, our beans are shipped and stored strategically in the UK for quick turnaround of each order. Our beans are exported primarily to USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.




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