Mikah Blue Coffee company is a family owned business lead by Investment Banker and Second generation Coffee Trader, Michael and his wife Shenika, Jamaicans who now reside in both the United Kingdom (UK) and Jamaica.

The history of our company dates back thirty (30) years ago to 1990 when Michael's Uncle and Mentor Donald acquired lands in the Blue Mountains of St. Andrew and Portland and commenced cultivating coffee berries for sale to local Middlemen. The berries were then processed, and sold to Importers, primarily to Japan and the USA.

Located in the Sir John's Peak region of the Blue Mountain, our Estate is lead by Donald Salmon. In addition to being our Chairman, Donald is also the current President of the Jamaica Coffee Grower's Association, a body representing eighty percent of the annual Blue Mountain Production.

Donald has been a champion for the Blue Mountain Coffee Producers. He used his elected position to lobby the Government of Jamaica to deregulate the coffee industry allowing the farmers to sell their crops directly to the international markets.

Consequently in 2013, after successful lobbying in collaboration with the Jamaica Coffee Growers’ Association, a license to export Blue Mountain Green Beans was granted by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica (now Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority).

Currently, we are a vertically integrated coffee company and our coffee is imported through our UK based Mikah Blue Holdings (UK) Limited.

Coffee beans harvested from our farms consistently receive a cupping score of 85 and over and we primarily sell beans that have been certified by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) as Grade 1.

Warehoused in the UK and Jamaica, our beans are exported primarily across Europe, USA, Canada and the Middle East.



DONALD SALMON, Co-Founder and Chairman

Donald Salmon

Donald has been a Coffee Farmer for over 31 years and he now serves as the President of the Jamaica Coffee Growers Association (JCGA) an organization representing eighty percent of the annual production of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. He also serves on the Board of the Jamaica Agriculture Society (JAS). Donald is also a former Member of the Coffee Industry of Jamaica now the Jamaica Agriculture and Commodities Authority (JACRA).

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Management Studies from the University of the West Indies.


MICHAEL RAMSAY, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Michael Ramsay

Michael has held several Managerial positions in the areas of Quality, Strategy, Investment and Corporate Banking in both the Financial Services and Agriculture industries.

​He holds a Master of Business Administration specializing in Finance from The Edinburgh Business School (Heriot Watt University) and a Bachelor of Science from the University of West Indies in Zoology & Economics. ​He has also received leadership certifications from the Harvard and the Mona School of Business Programs.

He also holds several certifications in Food Safety and Quality Management.


SHENIKA RAMSAY, Co-Founder and Director

Shenika Ramsay

Shenika is an ambassador of Jamaica. Her primary objective is to promote brand Jamaica through Coffee.

In her other capacities, she serves as a Business Development Representative for the Jamaica Tourist Board with responsibility for the marketing and promotion of destination Jamaica in the United Kingdom. 

​She also holds the position of Midlands Regional Manager of Jamaicans Inspired; an association of entrepreneurs working to creating network linkages for brand Jamaica and ensuring the sustainability of Jamaica's rich culture and heritage.

​Shenika has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Tourism Management (Special) from the University of West Indies, a Master of Business Administration in General Management from the University of Technology along with over 14 years experience in the travel industry. ​

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