About Us

Welcome to Mikah Blue, a Jamaican owned wholesaler and retailer of premium Blue Mountain Coffee.  

Our purpose is to deliver an authentic Blue Mountain Coffee experience to our customers.  

Our beans are grown in the Sir John's Peak region within the carefully defined boundaries of the nitrogen and phosphorous rich Blue Mountains of Jamaica.  This region is among the highest at 5000ft above sea level and is famed for producing the best Blue Mountain Coffee and our Estate has consistently achieved a high percentage of beans being screen sized 18 and above.

Our beans are primarily of the Geisha variety with a small percentage of Typica (approximately 10 percent).

Each coffee berry is carefully hand selected from each tree after which it is washed, sun-dried and stored. 

A series of stringent regulatory tests are performed on each bean by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) before being  approved to use the Jamaica Blue Mountain Brand. 

It is of no surprise that when tested, our coffee consistently receive a cupping score of 85 and above. 

We are confident that a sip of our coffee will transform you from a mere coffee drinker to a Mikah Blue Lover. 

Summary :

Location : Sir John's Peak

Elevation : 5000ft above sea level

Bean Variety : Geisha

Screen Size: 18+

Process: Washed

Drying: Sun




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